For the first post on this blog, I am releasing HDFQS. I have been using this file format for the past year or so to store all of the data collected from my various QS-related devices.

For those interested in the details of how HDFQS works, please refer to the HDFQS page. Otherwise, follow the steps below to get started:

HDFQS Python Library – This is the library used to read from and write to an HDFQS data store. The easiest way to install it is via pip:

pip install hdfqs

In the documentation page linked above, there are examples you can follow to read and write data to HDFQS directly in Python.

QSLife Data Visualization – This is a data visualization program that plots data from an HDFQS data store. You can download it here. There is a quick start in the documentation to help you get started.

HDFQS Import – This is an command line tool for importing from various sources into HDFQS. It currently contains importers for the following two Android-based QS apps:

  • AndroSensor by Fiv Asim, an excellent app for collecting background QS data (motion, location, etc).
  • KeepTrack by Zagalaga, an excellent app for collecting manual entry QS data (weight, mile times, etc).

Over time, I will be releasing importers for other devices and apps.

Posted on: January 9, 2015
Categories: Quantified Self

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